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The most South-western point of Africa.

This is it! The end of this bike of good hopes journey. Or at least for this time in Africa.

One of the last days I take my chance and go for a lesson of gyrocopter.

It is as cool as imagine. It is an incredible vehicle. Maybe you know it or maybe you remember it from James Bond when he is fighting some bad guy building a rocket in Japan in a fake crater. Bond has this small open yellow gyrocopter.

It is fueled by car gasoline and weighs only 500 kg of. It can take two persons for four hours about 800 km. This is a dream flying this since a year back when I had the idea of becoming a helicopter pilot.

We take off on less then 50 m in the strong head wind. We rise fast and fly around for 45 minutes which feels like 5 minutes. We see everything perfectly. And we also fly really low scareing some poor cows.

I get to steer and it is so fun. We land in a farmers gravel road and take of again. This is so fun. Can I fly home in this I think to myself. Please! :)

- - -

This is it! The end of this bike of good hopes journey. Or at least for this time in Africa.

The last part of the cycle tour started in the morning on a perfect day without wind. A day in this part without wind is very rare so I was very lucky.

So I started early morning by taking a cold dip in the sea. Then I and the family cycled to there school and from there on I continued. It was not a very tough road but a bit hilly at times.

Beautiful scenariers. This is Kommitije looking north towards table mountain which you see in the midle of the picture. The warning signes for baboons are hard to miss. And from what I have heard it is true that they enter cars and steal what they can.

I cant really close my doors on the bicycle but I am not afraid of them.

I go on a couple of hours and enter the park which is the last bit. A long downhill and I come to the end. The most South-western point of this continent.

It feels odd and sad and empty for a slight moment. But I decide it want do me any good thinking about it like that. No this is just the start. An end is a perfect moment for something new. And what a place for something new. Yes I will see this trip as a start of my new life. A life of more quality, adventure and less strugle. I will listen to my gut feeling. I will not be lonely, instead embrace and value beeing on my own at times. I will smile more and charish what I have, knowing how fortunate I am getting raised in aSwedish safe home with a bed and three full meals and a good education. I will also carry with me more energy, experience and great memmories. I have a lot of stories to tell. Yes, I am rich in this start. It is a great feeling.

I walk with my bicycle after beeing congratulated by people asking from where I come cycling. I go down on the beach and watch an osterage couple on the beach.

I now open that one beer I was given from a family on the road half way down from Namibia. It is a good beer, a bit warm but it does not matter. It is a true gift. A true gift with love to a fellow cyclist. I love when people stop by the road and cheer for you. This beer contains memmories.

So I sit in the sand, listen to the waves, watch an osterage and eat peanuts and drink my warm gift. My thoughts follow my tracks for the last month. I think of some of the good moments, of Christian, Luise, all the poor kids, the beautiful simple homes and great animal encounters.

Suddenly there comes two babones galoping out of nowhere. They surprise me and attack. Should I choose peanuts or beer? Beer or peanuts. I get the beer and before I know it half of kilos of peanuts have legs. Oh man!! You sun of a monkey! Oh no! My ahhh!!! So frustrating. I chase that monkey all over the beach and back again.

You can see the thief on this picture.

First ones and then another time but he is too fast even with the big bag in one hand. Running on three limbs. Oh noo!! I scream half to myself a litle embarresed as some tourist look at me passing by slowly with there car.

Ha ha, I start laughing at my stupidity. All the signs, warnings and I get surprised. Stupid amazing creature. Ahh!! That is funny. Smart monkeys. I pack up and go back. Up the hill and around the rest of the Cape peninsula.

It is soo beautiful. The weather is great. And it is 30 degrees. It is supposed to be 15 and rain at this time in Cape Town. I am soo lucky.

I see a couple of rangers shooting paintball or rubber bullets at the baboons close by a restaurant.

I am not the only one having troubles with theese guys today.

Further on is the beach with pinguins. It is a bit touristy but you see them good from the wooden tracks you walk on.

It is all in all a great day. I go for a coffee and wi-fi and come back before sunset where I swim in the ocean with the kids.

The morning I fly out I take a last dip in the sea. Oh how I love water! So nice!

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