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The speech

Inbetween Cape town and Cape point. I stay in a couple of different homes. I also speak for my first time at a school, like a motivational speech.

On my way to Cape Town about half way down a car stoped. The family gave me a cold beer and there card of contacts. I was happily welcome to call them a spend a night in there place. Close to Cape point. So I did. On my way to Cape Point I called them and stayed a night. The family was great. It was so warm and welcoming I allmost became an extra sun in the family. Actually, Ashley the 7 year old sun said I am his new dad now. :) His father was working late two nights and I took his place easily. We all laught about this. He is a fun kid. Both kids are very sweet. The daughter is starting a cooking club with friends ones a week. It is a really cool family that I look up to. Jenny and Johan have been together since they finnished school and have there own company together. They have been married a long time.

The family rules for social media is no phones at the table. And no work on the computer, during the whole weekend, meaning no work in weekends. How cool isn't that, for people running there own business. Really inspiring. Wish I thought of putting those strict rules up before me and my ex lost the spark. I was working too hard and we split up. They have also choosen a great place to live. Walking distance to the beach, built there dream house. They are bicycling with the kids to school every day. They prioritate time with there kids.

So beautiful taking there time with there kids and each other like that. The kids go barefoot to school many days except in a few winter month. But they still where school uniforms. And ones they come home it is only a few hundred meters to the beach.

So this is the family who let me stay a whole week in there great house.

I also stayed a couple of nights with Garreth and his girlfriend. Gareth who cycled with me from Cape town and escorted me down here to Commitije close to Cape point (final destination).

So I was asked if I wanted to speak for the 10 year olds in Emma-Joy's, the daughters class at the local primary school. That is such a great idea. My dream has always been to tell stories. And what better then to tell kids about how they can achive there dreams of an adventure. So the mum in the family organised with the teacher a time and I cycled over there and talked to them. Of course I new a couple of days in advance. So I wrote my speech and got some good input from friends about how to start and what I must not leave out. It was a litle nervous but I have actually told my stories so much so I speak easily about it by now.

I tried to interact with the kids and twisted my lecture for beeing the most giving for them. And I think it was a success. Most listened the whole half hour and there were many good questions making the talk become more interesting and more complete. So all in all it took around forty minutes. I deffinatly want to do this again. For the fun but hopefully I can really inspire people. To smile, to give and accomplish there own life, there own adventure.

It is easy to get inspired to more fun adventures since the dad in my host family, coming with me in the end of the day to pick up the kids, shows me the tennis court where he and his friends just broke a guiness world record, playing double tennis for 59 h 22 min!! Colecting money for the comunities new tennis court.

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