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Cape Town

Cape Town, isn't it one of theese glorios world cities like New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Singapore and Bangkok?! I like to think of it that way. It is a beautiful city. Cool parts of old historical houses turned in to fun hipster shops. Very inspiring for refurbishment. In a mix with high rise buildings.

I many times imagine myself buying something peculiar of a house and turn it in to an architectural master piece.

So I dont really do the full on tourist tour. I actually spend a lot of my time looking in to apartment prices, talking to people about which areas might be well for living or investing in. I meet a woman who is buying a studio in a new development and I seriously consider it.

It is an interesting investment since the house market is rising and the Rand is low. The 30% deposit actually has 8% of interest rate.

In the end I decide it is not for me. I as an architect rather want to build or create myself.

I take a hop on hop off buss and do tours for two days.

I especially like the tour in the ghetto since I get so much emotions from it. Seeing all this people living so tight is very interesting. So much life in so litle space. 50000 people living in a space planed for 5000.

I recomend these tours. They usually give money to the area and you should also take the oportunity to try some cheap local food and by some fun local craft which is usually very creativly made of recycled materials. Dont be gready. This is your chance to help small businesses grow where chances of dreams coming through are spars.

People are very friendly and they love that you are there to see them. And even in the most miserable parts there are smiles to be found and kids still play there games.

One night I go to the Africa burn after party. It is great.

I allmost meet more people here then in Africa burn. I also meet this Swedish guy who was a part of building the biggest of the burning sculptures, the Swedish tree, Ygdrasil. He has been walking barefoot now for five years. And is gifting this guy a colorful face in this picture.

All while the music is pumping cool steam punk beats.

We are some friends going together to table mountain.

It is a beautiful tour. Cloudy but magnificent views and we are lucky to see a dassie, a rock badger up close.

It is a beautiful city. Scenic with the mountains in the south and the bayarea in the north.

We take another guided bus tour and then go to the latest sky bar for an amazing sunset view.

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