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Coming back

Two weeks in Sweden. Probably too early to say how I feel about coming home. Anyway I come home and yes when I declare it on facebook there is a huge crowd likeing and comenting on it. I have never had so many likes on a post concerning me. So that is welcoming. Social media is nice but seeing people in real is giving more memmories. I visit my closest friends and they look at me strangly and tell me wow. You are really home. That is fun. They missed me and I them of course. I go to my brother and they also greet me in a great way.

And some of us go out for drinks in the evening. Which is great fun.

I have no real substance to fill my day with, no work and no geographical goal now so days go by slowly.

But the weather and Stockholm is beautiful. I take a few days to visit my parents. Who live in the south, Skåne. They have a beautiful bed and breakfast which they spend very much time on, making there guests have a great stay in there Lunkaberg paradise.

It is so beautiful and I enjoy beeing with them, taking long walks and I go swiming in the sea every day but it is too quiet coming from the dessert.

I will start work in June so I have time now.

After a few days I do get in touch with the bicycle company Cykelringen who does not want to listen to our problems of the back wheels. They do not give us any guarantee unless examining our back wheels on there own which they also say we can not provide. They have been so unhelpful and now again the same. Hope they never get customers again, companies not listening to clients who is helping them like we have done should not exist.

I get interviewed on the radio which was very fun. We dont have much time but I tell about the story of the midwife days in Uganda.

Here is the clip 35 minutes in to the program.

unfortunatly in Swedish. Some old friends got in touch and said they heard me. That was fun.

Over all I feel like I am wanting to fill my days more but I dont really fill them. So I keep wanting friends to go do some small adventures with me, without too much of a push from my side. But will that be enough?!

I still speak with receivers from my trip and that is fun. Some are greatful and want to keep in touch. Others I will probably never know what happened with.

This is Kalaluka Silumba and I met him in southern Zambia.

He is a dad, family of four. As I was cycling I saw a sign by the road that he was selling air time for data/wi-fi. He was out of stock but wanted to sell me some wodden craft. He is doing theese wooden sculptures and needed a way to get his carvings to get to town for beeing polished. So Bikeofgoodhope helped him with a bicycle.

Acctually it was Joels, an old school friend of mines idea. He wished to give a bicycle and I looked for a person to help with that for a few weeks until I found Kalaluka. He sends me pictures allmost every day about what he makes.

He updates me about the small shop he is building by the road and so on. He sends a thank you to all of us:

"Thank you so much for the bike , it has made my life even helps me to fetch water for drinking from the borehole."

He also hopes someone in an other country will contact him to help him sell his sculptures in a very direct way.

His latest work:

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