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6 month since coming back

How is life after the trip of your life? Coming back and starting over again with daily 8-5 job? Not beeing greated by everyone you meet as a celebrity and instead passed by hundreds of people who hardly see each other in there face anymore because they are texting or watching filtered faces and images in under friendly apps.

6 month after the trip of my life I realise I had the best year of my life. The year has really has its dips but so many ups. And I am so happy I dared to throw myself out there.

Coming home was fun in the beginning. People asked about the trip and wanted to catch up. And for a short while I thought my life would not be thesame. Maybe I expected more then 15 minutes of fame on the radio.

I lived on a ship in Stockholm city center very spartanious for the first two month. Living without a shower and toilet over a summer in Stockholm was no big deal after my africanlongdistancebikerideIdontknow whereIwillsleeptonight lifestyle. I acctually didn't use more cloth then fitted in a standard cabin bag for all summer so most of the time I did my lawndry by hand during my allmost daily showers in different parts of town, just like in Africa.

After some few weeks at home tristess started to get me down. Working 8 to 5 what a way to make a living. Oh how life is difficult and full of tristess working 8-5, hope future will be kind and give me something different. I had to fill my days with dating to find people to do things with and also made myself weekly challenges and tasks to make the weeks differently. One week I was a vegetarian, the next I started learning guitar and another I started skateboarding

I baked every day one week and went swiming every day another week. I started dancing something called Freeflow and I went running to stay in shape.

I wanted to meat a beautiful girl to accompany me, so I dated. I actually would have loved if she had some connection with Africa so I met some beautiful colored girls but also people who loved travelling in the countries I had been. The app-dating was a fast drug, a poison making mee feel seen in the short but in the long run it makes me feel even more lonely. In the app I connected with hundreds of girls but only had a handful of dates, out of only one or two was interesting. And some really was like "buy me drinks and I can talk to you" which really upset me.

In real life my path crossed with some very interesting potential partners but still I see myself on my own. I guess I also feel it is easier now then before my long lonely trip to be alone. But I realise life is lonely. I really love beeing with my brother and my nephews and it fills me with joy when they ask me to help out, picking them up after school or come and babysit. I love the feeling that someone wants me or needs me.

For me Sweden or society on this earth is a bit cold. I would love to hug people when you come to the busstop and I would love to really look people in the eyes, see them and feel with them. I would love some encouraging words and helpfullness when people meet in daily life.

My life has changed after my long ride. Today I dont stress so much. I dont work so much and I am many times looking back on my bicycletrip with great stories and experience. But also a longing and urge for more adventure.

I have no bicycle anymore. But I have some new friends and I thrive to become a more loving world citizen. So a dark and cold november night me and a great friend give out free hugs. And believe me when I say we made both us and a great bunch of people very happy doing it. More love to the people! Try it, it will make the world less lonely.

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