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2019 03 28 Thailand

Bicycling Koh Tao

Bicycle for two days 200 baht/ 6 euro.

Dont go around...there is no bicycle trail connecting East and west in the South. The island has

some steep hills but good roads. Not much traffic. Slippery when it rains!! People on motorbike have a lot of injuries on this island. A lot!!

I rented the bicycle for two days and left my luggage at Gala hostel. It was really nice to have the freedom of not having to go back to the hostel and take it as it came.

If I would go again I would have gone up East side first. I never got all the way down to the fishing villages on the East side. I guess I left too late in the day.

Biggest adventure was trying to pass from south to east through the jungle. Not an easy task. Very tough passage. Trail is gone. Overgrown. I spent about 3 hours in that jungle, geting my ass kicked by that jungle of steep uphill, heat, thorns and wines. I saw three wild dogs that I manage to scare away and probably the biggest black snake I have ever seen. Fat, sidé of my lower arm and if not four, then deffinatly 3 m long. I could here rocks beeing moved as it continued down the dry river bank.

Deffinatly super interesting experience of challenging my fears. Alone in the jungle and with quriousity I could really soak in the jucyness of adrenalin as I time and time again got shivers down my back of fear of the snake, the dogs and the silence and cracks in that bush.

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