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A leap up north

So after a day of mostly seeing a project from some Belgium architects students and atending this community centers christmas party I take a bus or shared taxi some 200 km north.

I wake up in the clay house with straw roof and it has been a nice night climate wise. Even a tiny bit cool. It was just anoying that I was tired of kids staring in my face from the day so I decided to sleep early instead...bad decission. Party from this architecturaly designed public space is great for village parties. It sounded fun and it was impossible to sleep before the 100 kids left. Not soundproof...ha ha...I am getting old. :/

I do some different french courses before leaving. Most of them too easy. Still so much to learn. An orange sun rises in the cool misty morning. Some people awake, but a quite morning. A happy lady tell me something fun and I giggle a litle with her before taking of. It is 10 km to the bus place. I meet a guy joging. I have seen a few more in the mornings doing jogging. Didn’t think they spent energy on that here and of course rich and poor with different lifestyles can be living very close to each other here, if you see phusical work-out as a class-question. But fun to see.

I pass cotton fields with ready white cotton, some tree with weird fruits. I try bite the outside. Sweet and juicy. I just taste a tiny bit. Don’t dare to take a bite. A few minutes after it makes my tongue very dry like a sour unready apple.

Road is dusty. As more people walk on the narrow dusty road I take a picture with a misty depth. It is a beuatiful photograph. So many beautiful scenaries from my bicycle. As I arrive to the village an hour early I stop for some great fresh white bread, some rice and sauce. They play happy african music as I taste the food and enjoy beeing here and now.

I was suppose to take the bus for 150 kr but meet some people and a driver of a car who says he will take me and the bike for a third of the price. The car looks good and he makes a good job tying the bike on the roof.

We go fast and he fills up the car with people coming and getting of for a couple of hours. We see another big truck of cotton which has fallen on it’s side. People getting on and off.

I get to the destination Parakou and for an hour I look for another ride north. They say it will leave soon. We need to be four people. We are two, also after an hour. I dislike waiting without knowing so I let faith decide and bicycle away to west Benin. I do good. Starting at 12 I go half way to Djougou. Less trafic on this road. Probably because the capital is in the south. So people mostly do busines and trade along the roads north-south. Apparently this north-south direction arrived withthe colonisation. Before the harbours and slave routs arrived and dovided the land, the kingdoms were stretching east-west.

The only thing that really catches my eye is a vast area two football fields, of people dividing stones with hand tools. In the shadow of metal sheets leaning towards poles. It must be incredibly hot and hard work. It looks like some picture from a history book of medevil times. Unreal. Is this my world? Yes, I seen some smaller sights here, mothers with smI saw this many times in Eastafrica and also in the mountains of Nepal. A sallary for this is probably the minimum or less. 15 kr/day.

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