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Benin the beginning

So I am out on the streets of Benin. First day I was on the verge to feel alone and that the trip felt as a misstake. But I laughed about it and thought of my good learnings about life, magic usually awaits in your next moment. Also I felt a bit scared. I know so litle of this country. I feel lost, with my poor french speaking skills and how will I spend 40 days alone. Then I thought, mother earth will catch me whenever I fall. And so I could hold myself in a better mood. Also gave myself a routine of 30 min of ”full body work-out” on youtube to keep my cells happy. This is not a good town for running. 99% of all sewers in the streets have no lid. You watch where you are walking 😄

Benin is dirty and beautiful. People are happy and kind, but they do love to put a higher price for a ”yovo” which is the local word for white person. Every day I fall in love in the colors and paterns of the local cloths. The beauty in the hairstyles and the incredible headpieces of all kinds of things to sell, imagine 20 kg of tomatoes on top of your head for half a day. This is the green section of this dazzling market of a town, Contonou. As I come to think of it, this is one of the most colorful cities I have seen, even though I dont think I have seen one single flower.

After a lot of time spent in the guesthouse I am finally of to do a project to assist in getting some stuff for a privately run orphanage. It seems like these two french girls started the place and now they have two staff and 9-12 kids. The aim is to build a bigger place for 30 kids.

They have a list of what we can help them with. And it would be cool to deliver it on saturday because then they have some party and dancing, inviting about 50 kids from the neighborhood.

The list is in french in a photo here.

I will make sure all money goes to this or another similar project. You have to trust mee in doing what is right. But all money will go to the projects represented in this blog.

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