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Christmas eve

I spend my christmas leaving around seven. It is allready light. I feel free and happy. There is a lot to look at. Small goats, beautiful birds, eagles above the road where I go, children waving happily, big yellow butterlies. Half naked bare breasted women with barels on there head. Children with buckets of 30 litres balancing on there head. After a couple of hours I stop to get a baguet with some kind of fish paste and mayo, a coffee. It is all great. I call my parents and wish them merry christmas.

It is a black/tar-road. Somehow it is melted on my side for most parts. This makes it bumpy and sometimes difficult to steer the bicycle as ypu have to choose which side of the wave to go on, one beeing allmost in the gravel and very close to the bushes on the side. The other closer to the cars. Which can be very scary. They drive fast, vehicles are many times very old and in bad condition. They are so overloaded with goods and usually at least one door or some visible part is broken. They do double overtakes at times which is very scarry. I am behind a bus when a motorcycle with three persons on it drives straight in to the back of it as the bus suddenly brakes. The bike falls and the three on it get nasty wounds but they are thankfully no big injuries.

Later in the day I somehow fall bymyself on the wave/bump road. I get a deep cut in my hand. A local helps me clean it as 20 children watches. It is of course scarry to be in an accident. But I feel lucky I got a helmet when buying the bicycle and also lucky to get the early warnings about the dangour on this road.

As I am writing this I am ready to go to church. Had some Glögg-tea brought from a deer friend in Sweden running Sibyllans coffee in Stockholm. I stay with a local family, just as I wanted. Before dawn christmas eve and after 120 km In 30 degrees I was very tired. I was planning to go further but it felt great to stop, get a good bucket shower from this family under a banana tree. I ask for buying me some dinner and join them and instead we buy fizzy drinks for all. They fight a lot over the drinks I suppose just like families do on christmas right...😅.

I wish Iknew french better. It is very difficult to hold a dialogue with the people more then the daily buy and sell stuff. They probably also have some dialect. Making it even harder.

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