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Now to bicycling

thought to avoyd I left in the night. At much trafic ha ha!!

Anyway, soaked of sweat more of humidity then from pedaling. I am camping in the garden of the orphanage which is further out in the city. Plan to leave before most traffic starts. hot...

Ha ha, that night was very wet and humid. Woke up at four finally, still all wet from humidity. I saidhi to the kids as they were just waking up when I was about to leave.

I took the road north, only dark half an hour when I took of. Stopped soon to get a great soft baguette with supergood avocado smudge and boiled egg and mayo for 7 kr. Pretty busy road the first hours. So I took some super calm side streets with big luxurios houses and smaller neighborhoods sometimes very clean. Vodoo statues and smiling kids and people. I loved to see some trees and only a random mobed as trafic.

Around 10 I passed a guy weaving a mat. I stoped in his shade and he helped him. He taight me and his wife joined. We had a great time. The also had some super qute rouster chickens. We went to the village for lunch together before I left. I continued and after a couple of hours I stoped by a well to do lawndry. Some locals lend me some washing buckets. Perfect. They had fun helping me get the water and wtching and showing me. I dried the cloths layong thom on some bushes just like I have seen they do. Continuing I take the small roads theough small villages and forrest. People are very happy to see mee. ”Bonsoir, ça va?!, au revoir monsieur” And maybe something about giving them money which I ignore.

It is so lush and green. I swim in a river with locals. Some naked. I must admit they have pornstar potential...I don’t look but I can not miss this fact.

In the end I push myself going to a village on the map. Bad mistake, bigger road, filthy and the local police chief is of course asked before I can stay with a local family. No, in the end they want me to stay in the hotel...acctually feels ok. They have a real shower and I relax. Going to bed early. Texting with friends but too bad this blog take too long to update pictures to.

78 km.

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