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ONG Ohana, Orphanage Contonou, Benin

Yes! :) Appreciated help received! Thank You all! ❤️❤️❤️

2115 kr collected and 1820 kr spent.

So the last days I put time in to finding bicycles...or three tricycles and a bicycle for me. I also engaged some carpenters to do a good job. They made new shelves in one room and a small beautiful wooden table with two benches. Really nice work. A lot better then those in Kenya 4 years ago for the school. This was really nice work. Then also food and utilities for 500 kr. I feel proud. Thank you again friends and family for the trust and letting me do the fun work.

I joined the christmas party as I delivered the many gifts, surprise after surprise. The people working here were super happy. And the children allready playing with the bicycles I delivered yesterday.

pictures coming...

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