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To West Africa in times of Covid

It is pretty quiet at the airport. Passing passport Control about an hour before my flight the man behind the glass asks if I am going to Adis Abeba, which is my middle landing. It is one of very few flights this evening. We exchange some sentences of how Covid has changed flying the last half year. I guess this is also why I have been a bit nervous about going on this trip. The risk of geting Covid abroad of course but also being one of the only people traveling these days, also may be different when traveling in Benin as a country. Being one of very few white faces. It is also a different country to travel to even without pandemic times. Lonely planet only tells you about a food market. That’s it? It is former french colony of 12 million, so I have tried to freshen up my french. But my main focus since a year is living on water and when I looked up the 10 biggest communities on water, Ganvie in Benin has Africas largest community on water, which is the Main reason to why I am going. I also like to go in december to help some people along my way, which feels like a good way of celebrating christmas. Also there is a festival in early january. A

Voodoo festival which I find interesting. Weather is sunny and 20-30 degrees.

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