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My plan is to tell the story of how I use my skills as an architect and agile project manager to build teams on sight in Western Africa and make some good change for orphant kids.

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Dedicated to fostering community well-being through volunteer-driven initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting impact.


Since I experienced my most sad and most heart warming moment at a Kenyan orphanage, I feel called to help kids in this situation.


I believe in supporting positive, creative people like myself with a burning drive to make a change. For them to help others around them. 


An adventure on an other continent means a lot of interesting encounters and I am happy to be open to what comes my way.


Pedal Forward

Next adventure

Autumn of 2024, I will visit western Africa, Ghana to set up a couple of projects making a brighter life for orphants.

Agile projects

Since my experience from my Kenya - South Africa cycle, I have studied Agile Project management, which I plan to use as my main tool.

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Bike of Good Hope offers rewarding experiences helping communities through bike donations and volunteering. Join the movement for a greener, healthier future today!

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I look for sponsors for autumn adventure 2024


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